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Available Works

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I have been refining and developing my artistic research for over forty years. I have always had an attraction and a deep love for the human body. The look, the study of the body and the human form is for me a very profound spiritual experience. Being into fitness, there has developed over time a constant dialogue between my body and the material used to transfer the anatomy and beauty of the models. Often there is an act of trust between the model and my interpretation as an artist. What I see is not just the anatomical structure of the human body, but that it is a human being.

My father was a painter and worked on huge mattes for television shows as a scenic artist. It is from him that I developped a love of drawing. He introduced me to drawing sessions with live model in my twenties and I have since regularly attended drawing sessions to translate on paper the beauty of the body, then with my two hands that have kept the memory images of models, I build by handling the clay to bring out an almost human form.

With time and experience I have developed a technique of working and shaping the clay to integrate it into pieces of wood. During the summer I search antique dealers and the lakeside to find the piece of rare and original wood that will inspire me in the development of my work. Then I integrate pieces of steel that I fashion with hammer and blowtorch. Earth wood and steel.