If you would like an appraisal, you must provide us with good photos – including a close-up of the signature and a photo of the back of the painting as well as all relevant details such as title, year (if available)

We also require dimensions of the painting(s) FRAME NOT INCLUDED

If you decide to proceed, we will need your specific contact details as approval.

Appraisal fees are applicable and as follows : 

  • 200.00 fees for file opening – includes ONE (1) painting
  • 50.00 for every additional painting.
  • Please note that, in very rare cases where an external expertise may be required, we will advise you of any additional costs before proceeding.



Le Balcon d’art accepts choice quality works by some of the established artists we represent for sale on consignment.


• The gallery reserves a set commission on the price sold.

• The sale price is to be established following the inspection of the paintings at the gallery.

• We keep the works for a maximum of 6 months.

• We cannot guarantee the sale.

• We do not accept any framing.

• There is no charge if you pick up your work before the end of the consignment period (eg if you find a buyer yourself).

• If we receive an offer lower than the established price, we will automatically contact you. The work belongs to you so it is up to you to decide if you accept or not.

• When the painting is sold, you will receive payment on the 15th of the month following that of the sale. If the customer makes the payment in several installments, you will also receive several installments.

• There is a charge of $60 per painting for taking photos, posting on our website and social media, advertising on social media and in our weekly newsletter which adverises new acquisitions. Payable upon receipt of the works and non-refundable in case the works are not sold.

• There is a charge of $60 per painting for insurance purposes. Payable upon receipt of the works and non-refundable in case the works are not sold.

Please send a good photograph of the painting(s) to :  We will contact you to book an appointment at the gallery.

For further details, please contact Natalie Beauchamp at 450 466-8920, ext.101.

Le Balcon d’art is an art gallery located in Saint-Lambert, on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec.

Born of a dream in the mid-1980s, this cultural institution had modest beginnings. The early days were spent in a small building only big enough to allow the exhibition of a few choice artists selected by the founders, Ms. Bonnitta Beauchamp and Ms. Sylvie Soulière.

Rapidly outgrowing its original settings, the gallery moves a little further down Notre Dame Street in Saint Lambert where a bigger location allows for showing the work of an ever growing group of artists. This rapid growth is, of course, due to the quality of the artists presented but, even more, to the expertise and personality of the people who welcome the clientele, always showing respect and warmth. The gallery, through its relationship with Canada’s most important artist’s agent, soon became one of North America’s most respected galleries.

Many a faithful client will remember the days when vernissage days meant monster turnouts and people camping outside the doors for a chance at grabbing the choicest pieces. Hungry for the best that art could offer, they would brave the elements in the hopes of getting that one piece that they then would be proud to get signed by the artist. Normand Hudon, Paul Tex Lecor, André Bertounesque, Serge Brunoni, Claude Langevin and so many others spent many a day enjoying mingling with crowds of admirers who were only too happy to show them the love they had for their art.

Through the three decades that followed the inception of the gallery, a series of additions to the original building has meant an ever growing space to show an ever growing group of artists.

Under the guidance of Ms. Bonnitta Beauchamp and her two daughters, Fay and Natalie, le Balcon d’art is a living entity, an ever evolving being. Proud of its team of specialists, they offer paintings, sculptures, framing and other related services. They also offer rental space for special events, allowing various organisation a meeting space filled with beauty and quality.

With the advent of the new millennium, le Balcon d’art got heavily invested in the internet adventure. One of the first galleries to have its own web site in Quebec, the gallery has kept abreast of the new technologies, remaking its web site regularly according to the latest technology and the needs of its clientele, an ever changing entity in itself. Today, extremely active on the social networks, le Balcon d’art is happy to present you with the latest version of its website.

Happy surfing!