Welcome to Lyse Paquette!

November 10, 2016 on News by steve


Lyse Paquette demonstrates an interest for visual arts at an early age and her studies in graphic design will lead to a brilliant career in advertising.

In 2002, she decides to pursue her passion and devote her talent entirely to painting. With her unique style, she signs vibrant paintings of fruits and flowers. In 2008, the loss of a loved one will bring her to explore her feelings through art. Powerful emotions are hence portrayed in her paintings of faces and bodies.

Le Balcon d’art is proud to welcome Lyse Paquette to the family!


  1. .Voile du matin, 40×30
  2. Brise matinale, 40×30
  3. Douce liberté I, 30×24
  4. Douce liberté II, 30×24


  1. Immensité, 24×30
  2. Songeuse, 40×40


  1. Fulgurence, 40×30
  2. The Bird, 30×30
  3.  À l’aube, 36×36