Sans titre, 20×24

André Bertounesque is a Quebec painter of French birth, born May 11th  1937 in Sainte-Livrade (Lot-et-Garonne).  He died on September 21st 2005 in Laval, Quebec.

Already passionate about art, André Bertounesque arrives in Quebec in 1951 where he will hold a variety of jobs all the while cultivating his passion for oil painting.  A self-taught artist, Bertounesque sets up a makeshift studio in the back of his hairdressing salon where he spends his downtime painting.

That is where he starts his career as a painter.  Bertounesque begins selling his paintings to his customers who are rightfully impressed by the talent this sensitive, unassuming man.  He is quickly recognized for his mastery of light and the soft and intimate scenes he depicts.  The richness of his oil paintings quickly allows him a recognition that will not falter all through his prolific career and beyond.

Bertounesque loved women and his work from the 1970s and 1980s shows it through portraits, nudes, seascapes and scenes of introspective peace and quiet that show the man’s inner tranquility.

He also was a proud emissary of his native land’s southern countryside.  Provence, its light and its colours became his favourite subject taking the spectator to a soft, luminous universe.

André Bertounesque’s work is now a part of Quebec’s artistic heritage and is present in major galleries and collections all over the world.


Que la beauté soit!, 48×36
























Sarah Fecteau is a Quebec artist born in Thetford Mines on August 24th 1983.

As a young girl, Fecteau develops a passion for drawing and a dedication to detail that would characterize her work up to the present.  She discovers the work of hyperrealist American artist Steve Hanks and starts painting with acrylics in a style that, while reminiscent of her spiritual mentor, show all of her feminine and Latin side as well.

At the age of nineteen, Sarah Fecteau decides that art will be her life calling and becomes a professional artist.  At that moment begins a steady and undeniable rise to success in her adopted region of Monteregie where Sarah Fecteau becomes one of the favourites at art festivals and symposiums.  Her hyperrealist style of painting reaches new art lovers every time she participates in one of those events.

By the end of the 2000 decade, Sarah Fecteau begins her cross-Canada career by having her work on display at many a Canadian major gallery.

In 2009, she is chosen to be a part of a Quebec delegation at a major art event at the Caroussel du Louvres in Paris where her work garners the attention of European art lovers.

Still in her early thirties, Sarah Fecteau is well representative of the new generation of artists and her growing success seem to promise a long and fruitful career for this sensitive artist all over the world.


1. Oups!, 16×8 2. Casimir, 16×8 3.Beauté sauvage, 24×12 4. Balthazar, 24×12