Need a little change?

July 16, 2020 on News by steve

We all had a long and difficult spring. Confinement, stress, inactivity; everyone had to negotiate the situation in their own way.

One thing we all share: the desire for change and renewal.

Many of us took advantage of the long break to redo our interior. Painting, wallpaper, renovations; the situation made it possible to give a touch of freshness to our home.

And what about your art collection? You have chosen the paintings that decorate your walls with your heart and so as to complete your decor, but do they always have the same impact?

Why not renovate your collection? Le Balcon d’Art offers tailor-made framing services that will rejuvenate your collection by presenting it closer to the changes that are now part of your daily life.

Obviously, if the changes are even more significant, we will be happy to advise you in the acquisition of one or a few new works that will perfectly complement your renewed universe!

Visit our website (, our pages on the various social networks or, better yet, visit us at the gallery, we will be happy and proud to participate in the development of your decor!