Your art collection is dear to you because of the emotions it evokes in you. On the other hand, it is also precious because of its intrinsic value and the inevitable appreciation of its content. With the passage of time, it is difficult to judge the market value without the assistance of professionals who are aware of market trends.

The replacement value for insurance purposes is not necessarily the same as the value of an estate or that established for the purpose of the sale of said collection.

In order to demystify and shed light on this little-known subject, le Balcon d’art invites you to an information evening where our appraisal specialists but also professionals from the insurance world from the Vézina Group and CHUBB Canada who will be present. .

Join us for an evening of information that will answer all your questions about the importance of an appraisal and the impact it can have on the preservation of your family’s cultural heritage.

As spaces are limited, we invite you to confirm your presence by contacting us at 450 466-8920 or, by email, at

It’s a date, Thursday April 2 at 6:00 p.m.