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Richard Savoie is a Quebec painter born in Moncton (N.B.) on June 13th 1959.  He comes from a family of artists, the works of his uncle Roméo Savoie is part of Canada’s National Gallery.

He studies art with Gabrielle Messier and Yolaine Lefebvre and becomes a full time artist by the 1980s.

He is, at first, known for his work with pastel.  In fact, through a career spanning more than twenty years as a pastel artist, he became known as one of the Masters of this difficult medium.

A few years back, Savoie takes a chance and puts away his pastels and paper and puts aside a technique that had become second nature through the years.  He trades guaranteed success for a new challenge: oil painting.  No sooner had the artist started to explore this new medium that he was showing extreme affinity to it, far above what anyone might have expected.

Even in the darkest of the nights of Richard Savoie’s paintings, light seems to explode in a forward motion while the people who live in the paintings appear to turn their back on us as if we were catching a mere glimpse of a fleeting moment.

Richard Savoie’s work can be found in major galleries throughout Canada and is also part of some of the country’s most important collections.

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