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Daniel Plante is a hyperrealist artist from Quebec born in Montreal on August 17th 1958.

Plante studies and obtains degrees in Fine Arts from CEGEP St.Laurent and UQAM and becomes a teacher and illustrator.  Largely influenced by the work of Van Gogh but, more importantly, Alex Colville and Jack Chambers, Daniel Plante makes the leap to full time artist at the age of 25.

He is then spotted by Dr.Max Stern of the Dominion Gallery in Montreal who starts showing his acrylic paintings within the wall of the venerable Canadian institution.

Known for his extreme care with details, Plante even stretches his own canvases thus ensuring the quality of his painting surfaces.

Daniel Plante is a known safe value on the Canadian art market and his work can be found in major galleries and among the country’s best collections.