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Roland Palmaerts is a Belgian artist working in Quebec and in Belgium.  He was born October 4th 1953.

A graduate of both the Institut St Luc and of the Académie des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, Palmaerts becomes a commando paratrooper before coming to Quebec in 1980 to work as a a graphic artist.  He becomes a professional artist at the age of 28.

Although originally schooled as an oil painter, Roland Palmaerts is mostly recognized as a watercolour and acrylics artist.  In fact, he is a well respected teacher of those disciplines in his native Belgium where he heads an art school.

Urban landscapes, pastoral scenes, musicians and other such subjects populate a body of work marked by colour and light.  Of his favourite subjects Palmaerts says: ‘’If I dematerialise, I spiritualise’’.

A true international artist, Roland Palmaert’s work is in galleries across Canada, Europe and even in some Asian countries.

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