KISS, Andrew

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Andrew Kiss is a Canadian painter born in Hungary in 1946.

He comes to Canada with his family in 1957 and they settle on Vancouver Island B.C.  He first has a career as a topographical draftsman but soon his love of oil painting takes him towards a career in that field.

By the early 1980s, the ever growing quality of his oeuvre places him in local galleries who proudly present his work as a naturalist painter and a talented landscape artist.

Throughout the following years, Kiss’ work finds its way all into galleries and collections all over the world.  Hong Kong, Switzerland, England, New Zealand are but a few of the countries that fall to the charms of Andrew Kiss’ world of art and show the work of this exceptional artist.

Le Balcon d’art, always looking for the best in art, starts a relationship with Andrew Kiss in the late 2000s.  The now show this Cabnadian master’s work on a permanent basis.