GOULET, Anouck

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About the artist

Anouck Goulet is a Quebec painter born on June 4th 1983 in Maria in the Gaspé region.

Profoundly artistic to the depth of her soul, Anouck Goulet holds a college degree in presentation design.  Gradually, starting around the age of twenty-five, she gravitates towards the world of acrylic painting.

A happy optimist, Goulet softly lands into the art world and garners a spot in art galleries.  Her humoristic and joyous paintings rapidly find a niche with fans that cannot get enough of the work she creates at a rate that allows her to satisfy demand without sacrificing the soul that inhabits her paintings.

The anthropomorphized frogs that live in a great part of her oeuvre seem to be part of a long cartoon-like story that builds itself from painting to painting, the narrative only adding to the quality of Goulet’s visual work.

Adding to her amphibious friends, Anouck Goulet’s love of flowers and design serve to pepper her work with welcome interludes.

Through her talent and global approach to visual arts, Anouck Goulet is one of those artists that change the art world and make it a living entity.