CHIASSON, Nathalie

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About the artist

Nathalie Chiasson is a Quebec artist born in Jonquière, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, on August 22nd 1968.

Largely self-taught, Nathalie Chiasson started her career as a stylist and representative in the world of fashion and couture.  Her natural interest in beauty and design would find a place in her work through its leanings towards luxury, comfort and hedonistic pursuits.

A talented illustrator, Nathalie Chiasson became a full time artist at the age of 33.  Inspired by an old technique of coffee wash that she updated, she uses acrylic paint as a mean of rendering her varied subjects.  Shoes, handbags, clothes, wine bottles but also, dream like landscapes and seascapes show uncommon sensitivity.  Louboutin, Chanel, Chateaux Margaux or Rotschild are all names that become synonyms for luxury and happiness but that also become somewhat detached from everyday reality under Nathalie Chiasson’s brushes.

A multi media artist, she uses an epoxy finish on her paintings adding a dimension of grandeur and luxury.

Today, Nathalie Chiasson is at the height of her popularity as an artist.  Her paintings can be found in major galleries throughout Canada and within private and corporate collections.

Nathalie Chiasson in the media