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About the artist

Anne Cardin is a painter born in 1963 in Quebec (Canada).

From early childhood, she developed a taste for observation, drawing the flowers in the
garden of the suburban house where she grew up and drawing portraits of family members

In primary and secondary school, she was a budding artist creating birthday cards the cards, drawings for the school newspaper or making caricatures of classmates.
She also signed up for photo lessons at 14 – a passion that still lives in her today.

Going to CEGEP and then university in visual arts, she learned and honed her skills as a teacher, a profession she pursued all her adult life.

Anne Cardin is a Cartesian artist, her work is inspired by Pellan. She shares his knowledge, his experiments and his observations in his paintings, enriched by 30 years of teaching visual arts in secondary schools pushing the elements of plastic language to translate emotions.