Is this an illusion?

I was moved by a pale light of February on a chilly morning, charmed by the desire to paint the solemn glimmerings. We say that we see what we know … The Petite Rouge River passes by me and occasionally strikes my window with this kind of offering, which forces me to the white canvas of the workshop .

Borrowing more lively than nature, raises a challenge; Capture the essentials.

A challenge that demands to choose the links that will serve in subtext, this fragile moment. Paint the intention, let the brush strokes speak, become a conductor rather than a virtuoso, to better see, better render, better tell.

The canvas no longer needs us when it ceases to observe us. This is the moment when I can observe it myself. So, this landscape is no longer exactly the same … Its disposition, its tones and intensity, all got caught in the game.

No, it is not an illusion, I revisit this February chilly morning.