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Lise Lacaille is a Quebec artist born in St.Hubert in 1959.

She studies business management and fine arts but, rapidly, her artistic side wins out and she becomes a full time oil painter.

Lise Lacaille develops her artistic style by observing daily life.  A mother and child, a loving couple, professionals in action, lawyers and golfers; she takes everyday scenes and makes them into a feria of colors, her brushes spreading the oil paints as if it was pure imagination.


In the 1980s, Lise Lacaille becomes ever more present within art galleries,   first in Quebec but, soon, all over Canada.  She is now part of what can be called the essential Canadian art world.

The public falls in love with this artist who, so well, can manipulate lively colors and compositions making them into a frenetic ballet or a vivacious storm.  Her orange and red tones become standards and her favourite themes become favourites of a public starving for beauty.

At the turn of the new millennium, Lise Lacaille moved her studio and her life to sunny Costa-Rica where she now lives and works.  She still paints with the same talent and fervour and her works is always in demand.  She has all her future in front of her; her career barely begun!