Le Balcon d’art and spring are coming together to present an exhibition featuring the most beautiful animal specimens straight out of the imagination of our artists!

Join us on April 8th at noon for a vernissage where artists and wildlife will join in an ode to the awakening of nature.


  • Manon Bordeleau
  • Steeven Chapados
  • Marie-Claude Courteau
  • Sarah Fecteau
  • Marc Galipeau
  • Anouck Goulet
  • Andrew Kiss
  • Catherine Lavoie
  • Marie-Andrée Leblond
  • Paul Tex Lecor
  • Marshal


The exhibition will continue until April 18th.

COMING UP IN 2018 : 

May 6th : Expo Andrew Kiss

June 6th : 6 à 8 with Roland Palmaerts

August 25-26 : Symposium 2018 – Live painting on location by some of our best artists

September 16th : Expo Serge Brunoni

October 21st : Expo Samir Sammoun

November 25th-December 24th : Holiday Show