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Steeven Chapados is a Quebec portrait artist active for the last twenty years. His art, based on the transmission of emotions and developed as part of a hyperrealist approach, has earned him recognition by several great personalities around the world and for whom he has made official portraits (such as Celine Dion, Jean -Paul II, PE Trudeau, Queen Elizabeth II and, most recently, Pope Francis, not to mention several well-known personalities of Quebec). Steeven Chapados also embraces a career as a philosophy teacher at the Cégep de St-Laurent and as a university lecturer (UdeM, UQTR). Holder of a master’s degree and doctoral schooling in philosophy, researcher and author in the field of epistemology, he is credited with a historical and philosophical dictionary of logic (PUL, 2017), a great historic Friesland on the History of Ideas in the West (JFD, 2018) and a Dictionary of the History of Physics, currently in preparation.