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Serge Brunoni is a Quebec painter of French birth born in Ligny-en Barrois on September 3rd 1938.

Born with a passion for drawing, Brunoni went through a variety of occupations including the French military.  Upon his release from the Army, he was hired by the Société de travaux et d’études topographiques (S.A.T.E.T.), who were building railroads in Africa.  He would spend the next three years living in the jungle happy to live the adventure of a life time.

Back in France, the smallness of the country made Brunoni long for wide open spaces.  He thus decides to immigrate to Canada on August 8th 1963.  He settled in Trois-Rivières, Quebec which remains his home over fifty years later.

In 1969, his wife buys him a box of oil paints and brushes as a gift.  It marks the discovery of a passion.  By 1972, he is a full time artist.

For the next forty years, Serge Brunoni establishes himself as a master in rendering the majesty of Quebec’s landscapes.  His hunting, fishing and trapping scenes become standards others are judged by.  His urban landscapes, often depicting people busy at their day to day lives – be it walking or playing street hockey – put the spectator on the first row, looking a, oh so quebecois, world.  His seascapes and still lifes are just as representative of his boundless talent.  Serge Brunoni is a complete and masterful acrylic painter.

His work is present in many galleries throughout Canada, all over the world and in a vast number of private and public collections.

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